Recycling Guide


Beverage cans, aluminium packaging, yoghurt lids, grill trays, aluminium foil etc.

Empty PET beverage bottles with the PET seal. Air out - lid on!


Beverage bottles, preserving jars, etc.

Beverage cartons (e.g. TetraPak) of milk, fruit juice, iced tea, etc.

PE bottles of milk, liquid detergent, etc.

Cork stoppers of wine / champagne bottles, pan coasters etc.

Toner from laser printers and copiers, ink cartridges from printers etc.

Empty food cans, old pans and pots, screws, hangers, cutlery etc.

Batteries from radio, flashlight, remote control etc.

Broken toasters, radios, mobile phones, cables, headphones, chargers etc.

Food packaging, vegetable bags, blister packaging etc.

Capsules from coffee machines of all brands made of aluminum and plastic

Small boxes (e.g. of food). Larger boxes only on request.

Loose paper, flyers, envelopes, brochures etc.
Flyer, Kataloge, Umschläge, Prospekte etc.

Light bulbs

Bulbs and LED lamps no longer working (not broken).

CDs / DVDs

Old and defective sound carriers, data carriers and films. Cassettes, tapes, records etc.

Water filter cartridges

Water filter cartridges (e.g. BRITA filter)

Metal cylinders & aerosol cans

Empty cream blower cartridges, defective carbon dioxide cylinders, empty and defective gas bottles, empty spray cans, etc.

That doesn't belong in the bag

Food leftovers, ceramics, construction waste & wood, furniture, hygiene items, masks (disposable masks & FFP2 masks), cigarette butts, liquids, toxins and chemicals, medicines, green waste, bundled paper, household and other waste.

If you are unsure whether a reusable material can be recycled, then ask us or, in case of doubt, put it in the collection bag. If something cannot be recycled, we will dispose of it in the worst case.

The practical overview for your fridge or pinboard. So you always keep the overview.

You will receive the short version of our Recycling Guide in paper form when you subscribe. This way you always have an overview.

As a rule of thumb: everything that is dry and recyclable.

* Due to different requirements of individual municipalities, there may be deviations in the range of services. Individual fractions such as paper, cardboard and small metals may not be recycled in the bags in all municipalities. In other municipalities we are obliged to accept additional fractions, such as textiles. We will provide information on whether and to what extent there are special regulations or changes in the range of services in your community at any time on request.


All collection bags are sorted out by hand by our partners, the individual recyclable materials are separated and sent for recycling. A simple principle to reduce waste and protect valuable resources.