the smart
recycling subscription

the smart
recycling subscription


How it works

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Purchase one of our smart recycling subscriptions conveniently via the website or call us.

Sammelsack erhalten

Get your bags

No collecting, no separating.
You just throw all your recyclables into the recycling bag unsorted.

Bags vor die Türe stellen

Have the bags picked up

Receive a reminder by SMS the day before and make the bags available for collection.



We carefully sort the recyclable materials by hand and ensure maximum recycling.

Choose your subscription


for small business

  • 1, 2 or 4 pickups a month
  • up to 4 bags per collection
  • large 110l bags
  • practical collection boxes

starting at CHF 20.80 / mo.


for households

  • 1 - 2 pickups a month
  • up to 4 bags per collection
  • practical 35l bags
  • SMS reminder

starting at CHF 16.60 / mo.


individual solutions

  • Custom made
  • Flexible
  • Economically
  • Professional

Price on request

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Therefore WeRecycle


  • No annoying separation and collection of different goods in the apartment
  • No unnecessary space requirement when storing the collected goods before disposal
  • No dragging of bags and crates with decentralised disposal at home
  • No search for collection points for less popular recyclables
  • No queuing at the disposal points in your valuable free time
  • No annoying refusal to accept unsuitable goods


  • The uncomplicated collection means that more recyclable materials are sorted
  • Due to the careful sorting by hand, more valuable materials remain in the cycle
  • Thanks to our good network, additional recyclable materials can be accepted and recycled
  • Due to the high degree of recycling, many tons of valuable resources are preserved
  • Collective collection saves thousands of individual trips to the recycling yards
  • Due to the financial commitment of our customers, experimental forms of exploitation can also be tested

Numbers & facts

served postcodes


collected recyclables

632412 kg

∅ Recyclable goods per collection

62 litre

CO₂ savings in 2020

12546 kg

∅ recycling rate

19.1 %

letzte Aktualisierung: 22.07.2020


Association of Swiss Plastic Recyclers


Swiss Association of Real Estate

Cooperation partner

ZHAW School of Engineering

Recycling Bags

Unsere Sammelbags bestehen aus PVC-freiem Recyclingmaterial


Frequently asked questions & answers

Unfortunately we are not yet able to offer our service in the whole of Switzerland, but we are constantly expanding our area. You can get an insight into our current availability area by looking at the map at the pickup dates.

Basically everything that is dry and suitable for recycling. You can find further details in our overview or give us a call.

It is possible to change an existing subscription at any time - e.g. if you need more pick-ups. The best way is to contact us by phone on +41 44 523 61 51 or send us a message..

There are different subscriptions and terms. The best way is to contact us by phone. You can cancel your subscription in writing at any time after the current term has expired. You can reach us by telephone on 
Telefonisch erreichst Du uns unter der Nummer +41 44 523 61 51

The collection can be suspended at any time. An unneeded pickup can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. If you need an alternative collection date, just call us at +41 44 523 61 51

The subscription can be paused at any time. Just call us at +41 44 523 61 51

With the bags you get a pink sticker.For replenishment, stick it on a full bag and the driver will put a roll in your mailbox or call us.

We send you an invoice by mail. You can pay conveniently via online banking or at the post office counter. 

The materials you provide are delivered to our recycling partners and carefully sorted by hand..

As a member of the Swiss Plastic Recyclers , we ensure that plastic waste is also reused efficiently and sensibly. 

Currently about 80% of the materials in the bags can be recycled.

Yes - down to the last detail. This can be clearly seen in the example of a yoghurt cup: Aluminium lid, plastic cup and cardboard sleeve are separated manually. There are no machines for this in Switzerland yet.

We thus offer fairly paid work to people who can hardly find employment in other industries.

If not otherwise agreed with us, our driver will wait your the bags in front of the mailbox. If this is not possible for you, you can make a note of this when you register or contact us at any time. 

Yes, this is possible. Send us the numbers to which you would like us to send an SMS reminder. This makes sense if, for example, two partners are to be informed, for shared flats, companies etc.

We treat up to 4 bags per pickup as a guideline. As long as you do not deviate from this limit during your pickup period, there is no extra charge. If you regularly need more bags, you can always order additional bags at CHF 2.90 incl. VAT.

Special collections can also be arranged after prior consultation. Without consultation, anything that is not in our bags will not be taken along.

If you are unsure, please contact us briefly. Voluminous and light materials can be placed with the bags by appointment .

Special collections for bulky goods and various other items can be arranged on request.

Would you like to recycle more easily & without effort?


Seit rund 3 Jahren bin ich Kundin. WeRecycle hat mich immer sehr zuverlässig bedient und am Telefon freundlich und hilfsbereit Auskunft gegeben. 2 zusätzlich abgegebene Säcke nach dem Zügeln waren kein Problem.
Raquel Dias
Wir arbeiten seit Sommer 2018 mit WeRecycle zusammen und haben klar weniger Müll, das ist sehr positiv. Am meisten sensibilisiert sind wir auf Plastik-Abfall, dabei gilt es am meisten anzupacken aus unserer Sicht.
Leider darf ich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen nicht mehr Autofahren. Dank WeRecycle spare ich mir das schleppen und den Weg zu den Sammelstellen. Meine gewonnene Freizeit nutze ich lieber zum Wandern.
Erwin Seidel

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