Social responsibility and sustainability in the real estate sector

Property managers and homeowners have a special social responsibility. The way we live and work not only has an impact on costs, but also on the consumption of resources. In addition to structural measures, topics such as waste avoidance and recycling are increasingly coming into focus. Sustainable waste avoidance is not only good for the climate, but also a real added value for attractive living and working.

Households & companies are the places where the biggest share of Swiss waste is generated. As a rule, the manager decides how the materials are to be handled. Since recycling in Switzerland is time-consuming and complicated, in most cases the responsibility for this is simply delegated to the tenants. Bins for recyclables, as introduced in many neighboring countries a long time ago, are unknown in this country. Decentralized collection points, recycling depots, returns in shops, different rules apply to almost every recyclable material, for other goods there is no offer at all. That is why many tons of recyclable materials continue to end up unnecessarily in the garbage every day.

WeRecycle offers individual recycling concepts for innovative real estate managers. Simple, uncomplicated and convenient, your tenants will love the system. Modern waste optimization without causing unnecessary costs.

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